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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

World Castle Publishing has picked up FRONTIERS: Book Two of the Cybersp@ce Series

World Castle Publishing has picked up FRONTIERS: Book Two of the Cybersp@ce Series

Here is the back matter/blurb for Frontiers:

--------FRONTIERS Book Two of the Cybersp@ce Series-------

It is the middle of the 21st Century, and scientists have finally been able to reverse-engineer the highly advanced technology recovered from a crashed, alien ship, and they have successfully constructed Earth's first interstellar spacecraft. They have also learned how to harvest the dark energy that powered the alien ship, and use it to address the world's growing global energy shortage. The Earth Space Alliance is formed to develop and manage the sophisticated technology and the ship, codenamed Frontier, a spacecraft that will carry human beings to the stars, and beyond.

Only after Frontier is sabotaged, leaving Hank Reynolds stranded and alone to die in the Alpha Centauri system, do they discover who is behind a plot to steal the alien technology, and to murder those closest to it.

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