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Monday, August 4, 2014

Excerpt from Frontiers:

Excerpt from Frontiers:

“That’s just it, George…he doesn’t have any broken bones now, but he did when he was brought in yesterday. The doctor just told me that the x-rays are clear now, that he couldn’t even find a hairline fracture. He might not admit saying it, General, but the doctor told me yesterday that Henry’s ribs were broken when he first examined him, and he had no explanation as to why there’s no evidence on the most recent x-rays of the ribs ever having been broken. He also said he could actually feel the break in the boy’s arm yesterday, yet today when they x-rayed it, there was nothing wrong. He said….” Nick broke off and turned away for a moment when his eyes began to water.
“What, Nick, what did the doctor say?”
“He said it was as if Henry’s bones had completely healed overnight!”
“How is that possible, Nick?” Caprella asked him, not really expecting an answer. “Even if the injuries are healed, shouldn’t the x-rays show evidence of the breaks?”
“Exactly. I think we both know how Henry was able to heal so quickly, General, at least in part; the real question is why?”