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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CYBERSP@CE -Great reviews, they keep coming!

All but one review of Cybersp@ce has been either four or five-star!

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From the press release...


A Captivating New Techno-Thriller from author Jeff W. Horton

Cybersp@ce is an intense, captivating, non-stop thrill ride complete with crippling cyber attacks that kill over a hundred thousand people, a former KGB agent bent on the rebirth of the Soviet Empire, and Area 51.

Jeff W. Horton's thrilling saga follows Cyber Command's Nick Reynolds and scientist Kate Summers as they struggle to prevent a massive cyber attack, which they know will trigger a global nuclear war that will devastate the planet.

Nikolai Chervanko is a former KGB officer with a single objective––to create a new, glorious Soviet Empire that far surpasses the original. To achieve his goal, he comes up with a masterful plan; through a series of deadly cyber attacks against the United States, he will create an international standoff between the United States and China. A devastating war between the two nuclear nations will then create a power vacuum that only the Soviet Empire will be able to fill.

After one hundred thousand Americans die in one of the cyber attacks, with evidence pointing towards the Chinese, tensions run high as the two nations stand on the brink of war. Nick Reynolds and Kate Summers race against time to find a means to thwart the next step of Chervanko's plan, a massive, extremely advanced cyber attack against the infrastructure of the United States. They soon discover that in order to save the future, however, they must first look to the past.

Most of Cybersp@ce takes place in Russia, and at the mysterious Area 51, located at Groom Lake in Nevada. Cybersp@ce was released in January, 2013.

Cybersp@ce, is an exciting, action-packed story with plenty of surprises along the way. "I wanted readers to completely immerse themselves in a story they found too compelling to put down," says Horton. "Cybersp@ce will keep readers engaged from beginning to end and then, just when they believe the story has ended, they learn that in reality, it has only begun."

World Castle Publishing is based in Pensacola, FL. Cybersp@ce was released in January, 2013 and is now available worldwide.
Jeff Horton's other novels includes: The Great Collapse, The Dark Age, The Last Prophet, and The Way of Nacor.
When he's not penning his next novel, he enjoys reading, going to church, and spending time with his family. Jeff Horton is a member of the North Carolina Writers Network.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Work Continues on Frontiers!!

I'm nearing the 70,000 word mark in Frontiers, the sequel to my most current release, the techno-thriller Cybersp@ce. I believe people will enjoy Cybersp@ce and Frontiers, as well as the third and final novel in the series, which I expect to have finished by sometime next year.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I thought you might enjoy this excerpt from my recently released techno-thriller, CYBERSP@CE

Hi Everyone.

I thought you might enjoy this excerpt from my recently released techno-thriller, CYBERSP@CE...

“In the second attack, which occurred at exactly the same time as the first, the attackers broke into a computer system at the U.S. Department of Energy and stole detailed data, plans, and schematics for the facilities and the computer systems at no fewer than fifty nuclear power plants scattered across the country. That means the intruders now have detailed information on nearly half of the hundred or so nuclear power plants built across the United States from Seattle to Florida. With the data they stole, the people or entity responsible for the attack could conceivably shut down nuclear power plants, damage systems, or trigger false alarms. It’s remotely possible that they could even cause some or all of the reactors in a plant to melt down..."


Friday, January 11, 2013

FRONTIERS will be here soon!

Read CYBERSP@CE today, because the sequel, FRONTIERS, will be coming soon!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nearing Completion of the First Draft of FRONTIERS, the Sequel to Recently Released Techno-Thriller, CYBERSP@CE!

I've finished nearly 63,000 words out of my target 80,000 words for the first draft of Frontiers, the sequel to my recently released techno-thriller, CYBERSP@CE. This is going to be a great trilogy, culminating in a third novel, tentatively entitled, New Beginnings.

I'm excited to be nearly finished with Book Two, and I have high hopes for the series!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

I realized today for the first time how many books would make fantastic movies. Unfortunately, so many are deserving and so few are chosen!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A link to an excerpt from Cybersp@ce on Amazon's website...


Upcoming Radio Interviews

I have a couple of upcoming radio interviews coming up this month (January-2013). I'll post more information about this soon...

CYBERSP@CE is now available in eBook format as well as paperback on Amazon!!!

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After a long wait CYBERSP@CE is now available in eBook format as well as paperback on Amazon!!!

eBook-Only $3.99!
Paperback- Only $11.99!