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*A Dream to Unite Humanity...*
 Scientists discover the technology to successfully construct Earth's first interstellar spacecraft, code named Frontier. Hank Reynolds, a gifted and courageous test pilot for the United States Air Force, is assigned to test
 pilot humanity's first interstellar spacecraft on a historic flight to Alpha Centauri. Under the command of the fledgling Earth Space Alliance the spacecraft will carry human beings to the stars, and beyond.

 *A Plot to see it Fail*
 Someone doesn't want to see this happen and will stop at nothing to see it fail--including murder... When Frontier is sabotaged, it leaves Hank stranded and alone to die in the Alpha Centauri system. With their dreams
 crumbling around them, will they be able to discover who is behind the plot  to steal the alien technology, and to murder those closest to it?

Frontier, Earth's first starship built on alien tech, is on its maiden voyage to Alpha Centauri. Someone wants him to fail, someone wants him dead.

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ISBN-13: 978-1629890869

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Cybersp@ce -Description


After years of state-sponsored cyber attacks originating from outside the United States, cyber warfare analyst Nick Reynolds is appointed to lead a new U.S. Cyber Command task force. His team is charged with protecting the country's military and civilian infrastructure, and restoring the United States to a position of technological leadership in cyber warfare.

After a cyber attack results in the deaths of over 100,000 Americans, Nick has to find who is responsible, protect the United States from an even more destructive cyber warfare attack.

Cybersp@ce is an intense, techno-thriller with Sci-Fi action, and a lesson about the relationship between trust, and fear.

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The Way of Nacor: Tales of Eden- Description

The journey begins!

The journey begins just after the father of four children, Christian Seekers, is killed in a violent storm, leaving the children and their mother all alone.,

One day while visiting their grandfather, the children stumble across a mysterious portal, which transports the children to a strange, alien world called Zantura. In order to get home, the children will have to face and overcome seven deadly trials, find a mystical object called the Relic of Nacor, and face off against a powerful, evil being named Sarin, who has enslaved or murdered most of the inhabitants of Zantura.

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Imagine learning that you had been ordained by God to become one of the last two witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation at the end of days. Suppose it was you that would stand face to face with the antichrist, call down plagues, and warn humanity to turn from following the beast, and to announce the approaching return of Jesus Christ.

The Last Prophet, written in the first person from the point of view of John March, tells the story of an ordinary man who discovers that he is about to lead an extraordinary life.  He will face supernatural enemies and his own inherent fears and weaknesses on his journey to becoming, The Last Prophet.

"This book reminded me a bit of the Left Behind Series. I was quickly caught up in the tale... The plot is well developed and interesting. The characters are believable. I very much enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to others." 
Reviewed by Lynn F. for Readers Favorite

"..."The Last Prophet" tells the story of John March as he discovers his duty as one of the prophets of the book of Revelation, to stand against the Anti-Christ...he must stand for faith in a time where people will have none. "The Last Prophet" is a riveting religious thriller, highly recommended."  Midwest Book Review 

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The Dark Age-Description

In the year 2025, the greatest civilizations to ever exist on Planet Earth were wiped out in a moment by the unlikely combination of a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and massive solar flare, which permanently renders advanced technology across the planet useless.

Now fast forward five-hundred years and you'll find yourself in The Dark Age, which is set in a world where humanity survives by the sword, the bow, and the arrow, while secretly hoping that a legend about the Great Oracle is true and that civilization will one day return to the Earth. The Dark Age is a story about good versus evil, about self-discovery, perseverance, and self-sacrifice, all in an effort to save the world from a fate worse than death.

"As the world falls to pieces, evil will flourish and only the bold will dare stand in its way. "The Dark Age: Survivors of the Pulse" is set on a post apocalyptic Earth... "The Dark Age" is a riveting blend of science fiction and fantasy, recommended reading."  Midwest Book Review

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The Great Collapse is an apocalyptic novel set in the not-too-distant future. When a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and a massive solar flare bathe the Earth in energy, the result is the permanent loss of modern technology across the planet. Survivors learn how to survive and then to thrive in their new reality.

As I did research for my first novel, The Great Collapse, and my second novel, The Dark Age, I was astonished to learn how vulnerable our national infrastructure and our civilization itself are to powerful electromagnetic pulses and solar flares. In 2008 a report requested by Congress and was completed by the EMP Commission. It confirmed that the threat of a single nuclear warhead detonated high in the atmosphere somewhere around Kansas was real, and that it could potentially take out the United States' national power grid.

The Great Collapse received a five-star rating from Midwest Book Review.

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