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Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Beginnings: Book Three in the Cybersp@ce Series is Finished!

I'm glad to announce that I've recently finished New Beginnings, the third novel in the Cybersp@ce series! Below is a brief look at what each book is about.

Frontiers, the second book in the series, was just picked up a month ago by World Castle Publishing, and is due to enter publication in January of 213.

Cyberspace Series:
The Cybersp@ce trilogy follows the Reynolds family as humanity takes its first steps out into the cosmos.

Nick Reynolds, a former NSA analyst now working for Cyber Command, has found his workload growing, as cyber attacks against the United States begin increasing exponentially. When the world approaches the brink of World War III, however, he comes to realize that he must find whatever means he can, however unorthodox, to prevent a massive cyber attack that will cripple the United States, and trigger an apocalypse.

Hank, an enthusiastic, civilian test pilot, is also Nick Reynolds' son. Endowed with an intellectual capacity unequaled by anyone else on Earth, Hank is thrilled when he is offered the opportunity to put his gift to good use by constructing and then test piloting humanity's first, interstellar spacecraft, a ship based on technology first discovered by his parents. He's about to take humanity's first test flight out of the solar system to Alpha Centauri, but someone doesn't want him to succeed.

New Beginnings
Having achieved interstellar travel, the Earth Space Alliance has now joined the League of Sentient Species and, after a rogue planet nearly destroys the Earth, is finally ready to establish humanity's first colony in another star system. Nicole Reynolds has been selected to establish the first real home for the human race on a planet other than Earth. She will risk everything, however, including her life to establish a foothold for humanity on a strange, alien planet. When an extremely rare resource is discovered on the new world, Nicole finds she must fend off hostile attacks by alien races and distinguish friends from enemies if she is to determine who she can trust in order to save the colony. All while learning to cope with her own past.
Cybersp@ce is available today, Frontiers will be coming soon, and New Beginning is well on its way toward completion and publication.


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