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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Random thoughts about myself, Cybersp@ce, and the two sequels, Frontiers and New Beginnings

Random thoughts about myself, Cybersp@ce, and the two sequels, Frontiers and New Beginnings

I've always been a science-fiction fan, though I'm really not sure why. I suppose it started with me watching the original Star Trek TV series night after night when I was very young, or  my early fascination with works by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. But my literary interests went beyond Sci-Fi; I read the Bible cover to cover while still young, and I recall reading pretty much everything written at the time about Sherlock Holmes, and the Hardy Boys, and I collected comic books. I had over one-thousand comics  by the time I was twelve.

I started writing because I wanted to write novels for family consumption, books that could be read by children, young people, or adults, books that wouldn't make parent's hair stand on end if the picked one up and read a few lines. I also wanted to have an impact for Christ on the world, perhaps offering engaging, modern-day fiction, but with a Christian worldview.

When I began writing Cybersp@ce, I didn't really set out to write a science-fiction series. I'd already written several apocalyptic novels, The Great Collapse and The Dark Age, as well as The Last Prophet, a novel based on Revelation Chapter 11, which centers around the two witnesses, the beast, the false prophet, and the Antichrist. When I finally sat down to write Cybersp@ce, I outlined a novel that was more along the lines of a Tom Clancy novel than anything else. Incidentally I was (and still am) a big fan of Tom Clancy, so I mourn his loss along with so many other readers all over the world.

Anyway, I have a background working in information technology for over two decades, so writing a novel that incorporates some of that experience was bound to come along. I've also had a longtime interest in international politics (perhaps one reason I enjoyed Clancy so much). Anyway, the way it worked out Cybersp@ce turned out to be a chance for me to bring my love of science-fiction, my fascination with politics, and my IT experience together in one novel.

In terms of the next two novels in the series, Frontiers and New Beginnings, I don't really recall plans for writing a sequel to Cybersp@ce, at least not until I was nearly finished with the first draft. as I wrote the last few chapters, I guess I saw an opportunity to continue the story line in a new, and different direction.
With Frontiers and New Beginnings, the series takes on a much more science-fiction flavor, compete with space travel,alien species, and alien planets.

The Cybersp@ce Series follows the Reynolds family from generation to generation a a turning point in history for the human race time when the Earth is on the verge of interstellar flight.The protagonist in Cybersp@ce is Nick Reynolds, a former NSA analyst turned Cyber Command. His son, Hank, is the protagonist of the next novel in the series, Frontiers, while Nick's granddaughter, Nicole, is the protagonist in New Beginnings, the third in the series.

I hope you enjoy Cybersp@ce.

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