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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Trailer for New Beginnings: Book Three in the Cybersp@ce Series

New Beginnings: Book Three in the Cybersp@ce Series-

Book Trailer

New Beginnings:
The Universe. For the first time in human history humanity now has the technology to leave Earth and traverse the galaxy. The Earth Space Alliance has decided to select a world suitable to human colonization, and attempt to settle the first planet outside of the Sol system, which has been the cradle of human civilization since the dawn of creation.
When Nicole Reynolds is selected to lead the search for a new world, and to establish Earth's first interstellar colony there, she soon discovers the challenge to be far greater than she'd ever imagined. After an extremely rare resource is discovered on the new world, she must risk everything, including her life, to establish a new home for humanity on a strange, alien planet.

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