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Monday, June 10, 2013

Current Events: Truth is Stranger than Fiction?

When I wrote books like The Great Collapse and Cybersp@ce, they were not necessarily about events that I thought would happen, merely about events I felt could happen. As time goes by, I wonder more and more about whether some of these might, in fact, one day come to pass. In The Great Collapse, an Iranian theft of EMP technology and their subsequent use of it against the United States triggers an EMP worldwide, knocking out power. The EMP, combined with a massive solar flare, cause the "effect" to become trapped in the earth's magnetic field, rendering electronic-based technology useless.

Consider this article about the North Koreans using an EMP weapon against the United States...

"Further, Dr. Vincent Pry from the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, has recently made a convincing case that North Korea possesses an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) nuclear warhead which would have the ability to take out a national power grid and destroy critical infrastructures throughout the U.S."
What to expect from an erratic North Korea 

In my most recent novel, Cybersp@ce, just when tensions are at their highest, in large part because of the many cyber attacks launched against the United States by the Chinese, a small group of men are able to launch a massive cyber attack that kills over 100,000 Americans, and implicate the Chinese in the process. This scenario accomplishes what it was designed to accomplish, it pushes the United States to declare war on the Chinese.

Take a look at the following article about Chinese cyber attacks against the United States...

"The revelation that the US is preparing a specific target list for offensive cyber-action is likely to reignite previously raised concerns of security researchers and academics, several of whom have warned that large-scale cyber operations could easily escalate into full-scale military conflict."

Report: Obama ordered target list for potential cyber-attacks

The question then must be, were these novels written because of information that appears in articles like these, or is it a coincidence? Like so many novels written in the past, I suppose it's a combination of both...


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