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Friday, July 5, 2013

Cyberspace Trilogy: A Sneak Preview...

Cyberspace Trilogy: A Sneak Preview...

The Cybersp@ce trilogy follows the Reynolds family as humanity takes its first steps out into the cosmos.

Cybersp@ce is a novel that chronicles Nick Reynolds, a former NSA analyst now working for Cyber Command. When the world approaches the brink of World War III, he must find a means to prevent a massive cyber attack that will cripple the United States and trigger global nuclear war.

Frontiers picks up with Nick's son, Hank. Endowed with incredible intellectual capacity from his childhood, Hank is instrumental in constructing then piloting humanity's first interstellar spacecraft, which is based on technology discovered in Cybersp@ce.

New Beginnings follows Hank's daughter, Nicole, as she leads humanity's first off-world colony in another star system after Earth is nearly destroyed. To save humanity she must learn to adapt to a new reality, fend off attacks by an alien race, and overcome her own past.

Cybersp@ce is available today, Frontiers will be coming soon, and New Beginning is well on its way toward completion and publication.

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