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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Blogger Fair this Week
July 22-26, 2013!

Welcome Jerry Hatchett !

Bio and Books: Jerry Hatchett was born and grew up in the creatively fertile Mississippi Delta. After plenty formative years in the Magnolia state, he writes now from Houston, Texas. His specialty is writing tales you can't put down, plots that capture your attention early and never let go, populated by rich characters you can cheer for and against.


Are monsters born or created? Is it possible for mortal man to bring about the apocalypse of Armageddon? Technology and insanity combine to create a very bad week for the United States and the world. In this can't-put-it-down thriller, tech celebrity Matt Decker is on top of the world until his flagship creation, the system that runs the U.S. power grid, suffers a crippling cyber attack. The week is all downhill from there, with the USA and eventually the world suffering from escalating disasters that stretch from New York to Israel to the "sulfurous scarps of hell."

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Welcome  Barbara Billig!
Barbara Griffin Billig Welcomes You to the Blogger Book Fair!
About Barbara:

Barbara Griffin Billig graduated from Washington University in St. Louis at age nineteen with a degree in biology and chemistry. She taught for several years in St. Louis before moving to Southern California. There she owned a variety of businesses including pet shops, restaurants, and a real estate brokerage firm. Deciding to take a sabbatical from the business world for several years she wrote, in conjunction with another teacher, Bett Pohnka, "The Nuclear Catastrophe", published in 1977. This fiction novel of survival and suspense portrayed what ultimately came to pass with 3 Mile IslandChernobyl, and the Japan Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown. The 1st edition is still available in libraries today. A new updated 3rd edition of "The Nuclear Catastrophe" is now available. In paperback the book is also published under the title "The Disquiet Survivors of the Nuclear Castastrophe.
                                       The Nuclear Castastrophe

Author: The Nuclear Catastrophe (a fiction novel of suspense) also published as:
            THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe

Visit her website at: BilligReadersandWriters- http://billigreadersandwriters.wordpress.com/A new FICTION NOVEL for EVERYONE – written for your entertainment & to raise nuclear awareness. Now that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has happened, we know how dangerous these nuclear plants can be.
THE NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE is set in Southern California and deals with characters caught in a disaster that they thought could NEVER happen. Ben, head of Whitewater Nuclear Power Plant & his pregnant wife Sara live in San Mirado, near the ocean. One fateful day the unexpected happens…..Ben and Sara, the plant workers, the people living in San Mirado and those in adjacent cities all have to make decisions as to what to do, where to go. Their choices have both good and bad consequences.

This fictional story brings home the reality of what would or could happen. History has shown us time after time that……what can go wrong….will go wrong. What would YOU do? Your answers may be different after reading this novel. Read how these characters faced difficult choices – and decide what you would have done – or will do.

This book is available at Amazon.com as an ebook (Kindle version) or in paperback. Kindle books can be downloaded to The Kindle or to a PC or Tablet, Notebook, or Smartphone. Visit Amazon.com to download a free Kindle app that allows this book to be read on a PC, Tablet, Notebook, or Smartphone.

This fiction novel is meant to entertain and to educate. Very little has been written on this subject that is not a deep non-fiction book. Yet, there are 442 nuclear power plants operating or under construction in the world as of January 2011. The United States has 104. Whether it is a terrorist dirty bomb or a nuclear melt down – we should know what is happening and be prepared. I hope you will take the time to read this.

What some of the readers have said:
“I enjoyed this book because it could happen. I think anyone living in a state with a nuclear reactor exists should read this.”
“A frightening tale of survival. You never really think about the events that take place after you have been stripped of normal day to day resources. No police, hospitals, you are your own 911 and now have to protect yourself against the world.”

“A worthy read! This is a book whose vivid, thought-provoking images have stayed with me even months after reading it! It helped me to better understand the potential repercussions of a nuclear disaster.”
Web page: http://mysite.verizon.net/resrrmof/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BarbaraBilligTheNuclearCatastrophe

Follow on twitter: @Barbarabillig

Available for Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004WDRWXY

On Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/barbarabillig/nuclear-catastrophes/

Read an excerpt now: http://bit.ly/pY8HxX

Available also as THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe in Paperback

Welcome Jessica Jaster!
D005 has been a part of a secret government program known as the Delta Project her entire life. She has been genetically modified to be stronger, faster, smarter and to heal faster. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and battle tactics, she has been worked to physical and mental exhaustion every day of her life. Raised without love or care of any kind, she has no idea what it means to be happy – to be free. And now she has run away. But then she wakes up on the rocky shore of the Missouri River with no memory of how she got there, or why there are bullet wounds, scratches and bruises riddling her body.
Her entire past has become a blank sheet except for a recurring nightmare of her running through the woods with dogs chasing her and voices shouting at her that she can never hide. As she struggles to understand the kind of life she has never had, emotions she has never felt before, and the mystery of her past, she is helped by Brianna Hartman and Reid Phelps – the two teenagers who discover her. When she goes to live with Brianna at the Hartman Ranch, she must also learn to deal with Bri’s brother, the gruff Cormac Hartman, who is running from his own past. He seems to hate her from the word go, but when she discovers his crude attitude is just his way of dealing with the hurt he is feeling, she decides to make it her mission to draw him back into life. Then a mysterious stranger comes to the ranch and her new world comes crashing down around her as her past comes back to haunt her.
Jessica Jaster lives in Iowa with her husband and her (currently) one year old and two year old, as well as their cat, Pandora.
Jessica graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Anthropology.  Yes, she realizes that there is a big difference between Anthropology and writing young adult novels.  She actually tried for an English major (well actually, it was Criminal Justice, then English, then Anthropology), but the classes she had to take just did not fly with her.  Although, since Anthropology is pretty much just the study of humans and human culture, it could tie in with her novels in some way. She has always had an over-active imagination and has been making stories up in her head for herself for as long as she can remember and finally decided to start writing them down (when she is not busy chasing the two little ones around anyway) and sharing them with anyone interested. Most ideas she has so far for her novels are for young adults - some fantasy, some science fiction and some normal contemporary story-lines.
Jessica Jaster is author of Delta Project: Hide and Delta Project: Rescue (Book 2).


And in the middle of the night, when her nightmares disturbed her sleep, she would go out to the swing on the front porch and would soon be joined by Cormac and they would sit swinging gently with Darwin either between them on the seat or at their feet.  They never talked.  Just swung together, enjoying that comfort and understanding they had discovered that first night.  Sometimes after waking up after dozing off for a bit she would find herself nestled against Mac’s shoulder.  She was slightly embarrassed whenever this happened and always waited for him to tease her about it, but he wouldn’t.  He never even brought it up.  Although the frustration, confusion and fear she felt about her past still plagued her – it was getting pushed more and more into the background and she found herself enjoying her new life more and more. 
One day Weston was out in the yard with Toby, trying to teach Darwin how to play fetch when she saw a red Jeep roaring up the long driveway to the house.  “I wonder who that is.”  She said to Toby. 
Toby looked up from Darwin and the ball, squinting at the Jeep.  He shrugged his little shoulders.  “I’m not sure.”  He said simply.  As they watched, the Jeep pulled to a stop in front of the porch and a man hopped out with a cell phone to his ear and a big smile on his face.  He was wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt.  He was not as tall as Mac, but not by any means short, he had a stocky build and sandy brown hair.  The front door suddenly swung open as Mac burst out, also holding a cell-phone up to his ear, a broad grin stretching across his face.  When their eyes met they both flipped their phones closed and coming down the porch steps, Mac embraced the man briefly and they began an animated conversation.  
Weston did not have a good enough view of either of the men to be able to tell what they were saying – lip reading had been a talent she apparently had that they had discovered.  “I’m not sure who that is either.”  She said to Toby.  “But apparently Mac knows him.”
Toby frowned.  “He doesn’t look like anyone from town.  Maybe he is one of Mac’s friends from the army.”  If that was the case, Weston hoped that dredging up those memories was not too hard on Cormac. 
Their conversation appeared to have become more serious from what she could see of the expressions on their faces.  Mac suddenly turned, scanning the yard and stopping when his gaze landed on her and he pointed in her direction.  Who was this guy?  And why were they apparently discussing her?  When they started walking in their direction, she and Toby looked at each other.  Weston shrugged her shoulders to indicate she was not sure what was going on.  Both men appeared grim as they approached. 
The man with Mac looked her up and down in open curiosity as they came to a stop in front of her and Toby.  Cormac cleared his throat, looking somewhat uncomfortable for the first time since Weston had met him.  “Pipsqueak, this is Jackson Farleigh, an old friend of mine.”
Jackson held out his hand and she reached out with her own to shake it.  “Hello.”  She said, giving him a reserved smile.
He smiled kindly at her.  “Hello Weston.  It is a pleasure to meet you.”
“You as well.”
Mac snorted.  “What did I tell you Jax?  Way too polite.”
Weston frowned at him.  “Now Mr. Hartman, there is not a thing wrong with being polite.”  Mac scowled at her while she gave him an innocent smile and Toby and Jackson howled with laughter.  Mac absolutely hated being called Mr. Hartman.
When Toby and Jackson quieted down Mac cleared his throat and shifted from foot to foot, looking uncomfortable again.  “Hey Pipsqueak could you come with us to the house – there is something Jackson needs to talk to you about.”
“Um, sure.”  Weston replied, looking between the two men quizzically.  They turned to head inside when Mac noticed Toby trailing after them.
“Hey bud, could you actually stay out here – at least for a little bit.”  Toby looked disappointed, but nodded anyway.  “Why don’t you keep Darwin out here with you too?”  He added with a nod at the puppy following them.
“Okay Mac.”  Toby said and trotted off happily with Darwin in tow. 
Mac led them to the living room where Brianna and Reid were already sitting on one of the couches working on homework.  “Jackson!”  Bri squealed when she spotted Mac’s friend and she jumped up to hug him.  Reid and Jackson shook hands next, after being introduced.  “What are you doing here Jackson?”  Bri asked.
Jackson glanced at Weston.  “I’m actually here to talk to Weston.”   Bri’s mouth formed a little ‘o.’
“What is it that you needed to talk to me about?”
“Pipsqueak, Jackson works for the FBI.”  Mac said.
“He is the one I had looking into the missing person’s files.”
“Oh!”  She exclaimed.  “Did you find something out?  Did you-“  Weston trailed off as she realized that they would not have been so grim if he were here to deliver good news.  Her eyes flew between the two men as they shared a look.
Mac nodded at Jackson, then gave a sad sigh and said to Weston.  “Maybe you had better sit down Pipsqueak.”
“I’ll stand.”  She said firmly.
“Pipsqueak.”  Mac said in his warning tone. 
She ignored him and turned to Jackson.  “What did you find out?”  She demanded, fear gnawing at her.
Jackson gave her an apologetic smile, and then sighed, shaking his head.  “I’m sorry Weston, but the thing is,”  He hesitated,  “the thing is that I couldn’t find any files having to do with a girl matching your description.”  Weston stood stock still, frozen.  Jackson continued, “I’m sorry but there does not appear to be anyone looking for you.”
She was frozen, numb, her eyes wide.  “No one.”  She whispered.
“I’m sorry Weston.”  Jackson apologized again.
“No one.”  She repeated.  There was not a single soul out there looking for her.  Not a mother or a father.  Not a brother or a sister.  Not a grandparent or any other kind of relative.  Not even a friend.  She didn’t have anyone.  She was all alone.  Something started breaking inside her.  She started trembling and was having trouble getting air to her lungs.
“Oh, Weston, I’m so sorry.”  Brianna whispered, her hand clutched at her chest.  Why did everyone keep saying that?  Bri moved forward to embrace her, but Weston jerked backwards.  “Weston?”  Bri questioned.  “Are you okay?”  Okay?  Okay?  Of course she wasn’t okay.  She didn’t have anyone who loved her.  She probably didn’t even have a home to return to.  Her lungs felt like they had quit working and she gasped for air.  “Weston—Weston-“  She heard Bri calling to her and felt her hands on her shoulders.  She was shaking her gently.  “Weston!”  Air.  She needed air.  Pushing Bri’s hands away, Weston stumbled backwards.  Turning on her heel, she fled the room.  “Weston!”  Bri called after her.
“Bri!  Leave her be.”  She heard Cormac say firmly to his sister.
Weston ran out the front door, past a stunned looking Toby and a yipping Darwin and into the forest.  Once there she ran faster, flying blindly past trees.  Not knowing where she was going.  Not caring.  Finally, she collapsed next to the creek and buried her face in her trembling hands.  How could there not be anyone?  No one at all?  She truly was all alone in the world.  What was she going to do now?  Bri and Mac had said she could stay as long as it took to find her family.  But she didn’t have a family.  Would they kick her out?  Where would she go if they did? 
She sat there for a long while, lost in her thoughts.  Then suddenly she heard branches snapping.  Weston’s head popped up and her eyes darted around in alarm.  There was the sound of a horse’s snort and she breathed a sigh of relief when Mac burst through the trees atop his big chestnut.  He pulled up next to her, staring down at her, his expression unreadable.  Weston lowered her gaze to the stream.  She heard his feet hit the ground as he dismounted and his footsteps as he approached her.  Her pulse sped up and her breathing grew ragged.  What did he want?  What was he doing there?  Was he going to tell her how much time she had to get off the ranch?
She jumped slightly in surprise when his arms came around her and he pulled her up against his strong chest – where she had always felt safe.  “You know, it is okay to cry Pipsqueak.”  He said quietly against the top of her head.  And just like that, the pent up fear, confusion and pain she had been holding in since this had all begun came pouring out.  The tears sliding down her cheeks as she clutched his t-shirt tight and buried her face in his neck.  Mac didn’t say anything else – just held her in his arms, rocking them slightly with his hand occasionally running down her hair and back. 
Her sobs finally quieted, but he still held her.  Then he held her back away from him, looking down at her seriously.  Weston thought that he was pushing her away.  That he was mad at her.  But then his hand came up and cupped her cheek, his thumb brushing against her wet cheek.  Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed up into his darkening grey eyes.  Involuntarily her teeth started gnawing on her lower lip.  Cormac groaned and pushed her hair back behind her ear before standing up.
 “Come on.”  He said, reaching down to grab her hand and pull her to her feet.  “Let’s get home.” He arched an eyebrow as he got a look at her.  “We should probably get you cleaned up anyway.”
Weston looked down to see what he was talking about and realized that she was filthy and all scratched up from running through the trees.  “Oh,”  She said.  “Oops.”
Mac chuckled as he led her over to his horse.  She hesitated because while she wanted to learn to ride, no one had the time yet to teach her.  Before she could ask what to do, Mac grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her up into the saddle, then climbed up behind her.  Her cheeks warmed as one of his arms pulled her tight against his chest.  He grabbed the reins with his other and clucked to the horse, turning it back to the ranch. 
Weston’s mind buzzed with a million thoughts. One of which was how much longer he would let her stay at the ranch.  At that thought, however, she froze as she remembered what he had said at the creek and a small smile settled on her lips as she relaxed back into his chest more.  Yes, she thought and repeated his words in her mind, let’s go home.  


  1. Saw your books on the site. They look cool.

  2. Great to meet Barbara and check out both of your books.

  3. And after seeing you on Sandra's site, I realized you're also from the Carolinas and a Christian. Very cool.
    And new follower.

    1. Hi Alex!

      You bet I am, a Carolina man and a Christian! Thank you and thanks for the follow!