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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome Margaret Taylor!

July 22nd through 26th

Blogger Book Fair 2013-Authors 

Welcome Margaret Taylor!

A First Love Never Dies: Book 1 of the Spi-Corp Series!

Read Margaret's interview with MACC, of one of the exciting characters from her novel, A First Love Never Dies: Book 1 of the Spi-Corp Series!

From Margaret Taylor:
So, since Jeff’s wonderful blog and books deal with cybernetics and sentient computers, I thought I’d introduce his wonderful fans to a character of mine named MACC.

MACC makes his first appearance in the Spi-Corp Series in Book 2, but don’t worry, you’ll get to see plenty more of him throughout the others as well.

Interview with MACC

MACC, why don’t you tell these fine folks a little about yourself?

 Must I? Really? *computerized sigh*. Fine. My name is Multi-Accentuated Computer  Components, or MACC for short.

I see. And what do you do?


This again? How many times must I tell you, I run EJ’s station.

And who is EJ?

Erika John Starr Sisko Killkenny Jackson Macpherson, Princess Tecka to the Royal House of Mutarians, of course. Oh, and she’s my maker.

How did that happen?

Well, see here’s the thing. EJ is human and she likes to meddle. She really can’t help it, it’s just part of who she is. So, when she decided to build a second home in the stars for her people, the Mutarians, she needed someone to run it…and well, here I am.

And what exactly are you?

Probably the best way to explain it, for your limited human and non-human sort of minds, is I’m an organic brain wrapped with metal. I’m 3 miles high and 2 miles wide and a fortress if you must know. No one has ever breached my systems…well, except for that one time.

Oh? Tell us about that.

Well, see here’s the thing. There’s a young lady named Janel Canton. She was kidnapped from Earth a number of years ago. She managed to escape her abductors and was gallivanting about the stars for a long time. Eventually she was caught and turned back over to the Consortium though and just before they began torturing her, she took a drug called starra. *components shudder violently.* Nasty stuff that and well, it, I sort of got it on me…and well, I might, maybe, just a little bit, have gone completely schizoid and tried to kill everyone on board the station…maybe. I’m not really sure. I honestly don’t remember much about that time. EJ was nice enough to wipe my memory of it.

Are you ok now?

MACC? Are you there?

Well, I suppose if you want to know more, you’re just going to have to pick up Book 2 of the Spi-Corp Series, Saving His Love, which is available through all the major eretailers and find out what happened.

Thanks for visiting with us. I hope you’ll enjoy the Spi-Corp Series as much as I did writing it and getting to know all the wonderful characters, computers and starships…

Excerpt from Saving His Love – Book 2 of The Spi-Corp Series…

Two days later and the first real sign that anything was wrong on the station came in the form of MACC’s inability to operate the lifts. Jake was one of the first stranded between decks four and five and he looked up at the ceiling the moment it jerked to an unexpected halt. He was on his way to medical, intent on resuming his vigil at Janel’s side. “MACC? What’s wrong?”
The computer’s throat cleared. “Nothing. Why?”
Jake couldn’t quite wrap his mind around the fact that he was talking to a machine but did his best. “I’m stuck. The lift just stopped.”
“Oh, I apologize.”
The small cube started up again without further comment but it was strange enough to detour from medical and seek out EJ. He found the Princess on the bridge and firmly in the middle of a very real crisis.
“Are you serious?” she bellowed at no one in particular. She strode to a console, red hair floating out behind her and punched angrily at the keys. “What in the all fires of Mutar Prime is happening to my station?!”
“We have fires on decks 12, 15, 22 and 25. Crew trapped in lifts everywhere, and deck eight just had a blow out,” someone replied.
“Are you serious!”
He stood in the back of the room and eyed Cresta as the Prince appeared in a puff of sulfur smoke much as EJ had a couple of days ago. It surprised him and he wanted to know how they could travel like that, but kept his questions for later.
“What is wrong?” Cresta inquired.
“I think the station may have gone insane,” Jake said, providing the best guess he had.
“Yes, starra,” EJ shouted over her shoulder. “It’s spreading through MACC’s systems like wildfire!”
“How is that possible? It’s a machine, isn’t it?”
EJ snorted. “Multi-Accentuated Conscious Components,” she explained on a snarl. “MACC.”
He cut a look up at the Prince, who shrugged and pointed at his sister. “She likes to meddle.”
“So, he’s sentient?”
Cresta laughed. “More or less. His components are biologically enhanced.” He waved a hand to encompass the bridge. “I do not understand it myself, but the station is more or less metal wrapped around an organic brain.”
EJ’s hands flew over one of the consoles. “And right now that brain is going psycho on us! Where is this counter-agent?”
Cresta’s lips hardened into a line. “How should I know?”
“Well, find out dammit! Before this place implodes and kills us all…”

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